My Last Hurrah | A Thank You and Goodbye

I am going to start with a thank you. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories that you as a community have given me. I remember going over to my cousins house when I was 8 years old, me and my younger cousins were playing hide n seek. As I was attempting to hide in the kitchen pantry when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of something that stole my attention. It was my cousin playing a game on their old family computer. Shortly later I was found, I guess my hiding spot wasn’t very good, but that didn’t matter. My attention was purely focused on the game my older cousin was playing. I asked him for the name of it and he refused to tell me. So I waited for him to close out of the game and looked at the URL bar and it said “Roblox”. I remembered this name until I got home later that day. When I logged on and created my own account. Instantly I was hooked. I got all 3 of my brothers to create accounts and play games with me as well, even my dad joined in. It became a family activity. To hop on Roblox every night and play games together. We’d play games like the original Pirates Life or Attack of the Slimes which actually inspired one of my own games.

I joined Roblox in 2010, started making games in 2015, and joined the forum in 2017. I have probably over 7500+ hours of my life sunken into Roblox Studio and probably hundreds more on the Roblox platform itself. It has taught me things that I am so glad to know, it has allowed me to be part of something big, and it has allowed me to even land some teaching jobs. Roblox was my life for almost 10 years. I got to see all of the transitions on the platform. From the removal of Tix, to the removal of Builders Club, and so much more. I absolutely loved the journey and seeing the platform change into something more year after year. Unfortunately I disagree with the path that the platform has been taking. The focus has switched from being community driven to financially driven. This is what every company does as it ages, so it is no surprise. I fear that with Roblox being a public company it is only going to get worse. My love for the platform has been slowly drying out, and there is not much to give anymore. Roblox’s goals are focused to much on changing the platform for financial gain, rather than perfecting what it already has. Thank you for everything. I wish all of you reading this, all the developers, all the players, I wish you all the best of luck. I don’t know if I will ever develop on the platform again.