My little screen

Underneath RightLowerLeg is RightFoot.
Scroll bar doesn’t let you see the last part in the editor.

Strange, seems like a little bug that the scroll bar doesn’t go down all the way.
I was able to just resize the window down on the Y axis and it showed everything:

It’s not that big of an issue, but you could move this to the bug reports if ya want.

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I can’t I’m a “New Member”

Not 100% on this but from previous experience this is a windows bug, had it happen in various apps. Don’t know a fix unfortunately

You’re not supposed to tag a moderator to move it for you, and this isn’t even a bug report. Bug reports have a specific format. The solution is for them to file a report the same way all new members have to, which you can find info about in the pinned threads in #inception-forum.

Sorry, I don’t know everything.

But, technically it is a tiny bug report? (considering the scroll bar doesn’t go down all the way, which technically is a “bug”). I’m assuming he just didn’t know there was a format or where to post it.
I guess?


Please do not miscategorize your posts, it’s against the rules.

For information on how to file a bug report as a new member, please read the rules that you (should) have read when you first joined. In particular, rule 15.1 tells you how to file bug reports as a new member, so you should have known this already:

15.1 You are not allowed to create new Bug Reports or Feature Requests for other people. This includes non-DevForum members and those in the New Member role set. Instead, please re-direct them to group-PM our Lead Top Contributors privately so their topic can be manually created.

The message title should be “Request: Posting Bug Report or Feature Request”. New Members should post their thread in Bulletin Board and link that in the PM. Visitors should include their post in their DM so that a Lead Top Contributor can post on their behalf.