My mesh texture disappeared out of nowhere


I imported my models from blender to roblox studio as usual, but this time one of my models suddenly became grey after being imported. It had its texture for a while and then after like an hour the texture was gone out of nowhere.

I’ve tried reimporting, but the texture is still missing. How do I fix this?

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May I see the texture you used in blender? You maybe forgot to save the texture before exporting the mesh.

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Hi! It’s possible that your texture has been flagged by Roblox for something against TOS. Try adding a different texture to your mesh different from the one you imported and see if it works.

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I’ve had problems like that with meshes so that could definitely be the issue, another common situation is the texture name being considered inappropriate.

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It’s model of bread. The textures shouldn’t be causing a red flag. Is there anyway to fix this or do I have to change the name?

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The name very well could be the problem even if the file name is just a bunch of random letters, it’s best to name it something like texture/mesh. If the texture and mesh aren’t separate another problem could be that the texture itself is deemed against TOS or has a form of an error, you can test this by uploading it as a decal on the create page and seeing if it causes error 404.

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go here and see if the image was taken down

things that have been taken down look like this

if your texture was taken down, i’ll tell you how to appeal it properly.

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Thank you for your response. It seems like it has been taken down. How do I appeal it?

Open the asset and get the link to it

Message this group and say something like

Hi I was uploading a texture for my mesh, and it was moderated. Please reinstate my assets.
then link all of the assets that were deleted.

send the message
usually takes a day or so but one of the members will get back to you and USUALLY approve the asset

I’ll send them a message. Thank you so much! :smiley: