My model, need feedback

What I made.

So, today I made two models, one took me about 3 hours, and this one took me about 3 hours too.
The first one was the my actuall first model in my life, this is the second one.
I will put a link for the first one down bellow.
Here are some pictures, please tell me your opinions, Thanks!

I made the gun so that when you “load” it, you can see a bullet in a chamber.

I would love to know your opinions, Thanks!
Here’s a link to the first model : My first model. Need feedback

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I believe you are headed in the right direction and have a ton of potential although, I noticed how your pistol grip is very well…small, you may want to make it slightly bigger although, I do believe you have a big potential.

Edit: And also with your bullet in the chamber, it seems to be pretty small although again, you are in the right direction.