My models are sliding

I’m trying to reskin these models for a specific store I’m building, but when I try to move the models, they slightly slide, making them uneven. I’ve tried unmodelling them, but upon modelling them again they continue to slide.

Is this a technical problem or is this normal, and if it is, how do I fix it?

Are they anchored? All the models?

You forgot to remove that,its the default text to advise you about the category,about the issue,i didnt understand too much on what you said about “sliding”,can you show an video or something?

Here’s a video of the sliding:

So it means that when you try to move something,it just return to its place?

No, when I try to move something, it’ll slightly move off-kilter, which I can’t really have going on in my build.

Yes, everything is anchored. It just slightly moves off-grid when I move it.

So weird…Try reinstalling studio,or closing and opening it,but i dont think i will help.

It may be some plugin you have that’s effecting it. Try turning off collisions and un checking :white_check_mark: the Rotate and Move checkboxes. If any of that doesn’t work, then I recommend restarting studio or uninstalling and reinstalling studio.

Maybe changing the amount of studs you increase/move and etc may fix your problem.

Using the drag tool to place objects can be unpredictable. I would advise against it.

I did both and it worked, thank you!

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