My new game Abracambo need feedback! (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Hello! this is my new game I’m working on this is a work in progress I want brutal feed back on how these pictures look!

–Not sure if the pictures are download to see but if they are sorry!–

More updates coming soon thank you for feedback!


Trying to find a game is something of a struggle as the search is not accurate for me so could you please provide a link.

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I guess I can make it public for some hours but please note some ui may be buggy

(1) Abracambo - Roblox

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Thank you and my first feedback is:
Game started ok.
Looked around and as no guide tried going anywhere I could.
Found the QuestGiver but unable to figure out to communicate with it.
Selected Quests from menu and was not able to close it so persistent black square in middle of view.
Selected Settings from menu and that was closeable.
Not sure waht to do next so leaving.
Will try to visit again tomorrow at about the same time.

yes I and my team are aware of this issue we have only 3 people working on it including me my scripter is busy scripting something else but I can asure you in some more months it be better. (Thanks) New Edit) QuestGiver Gui Should close fully know!

I confirm the requests list now has a close option that works.
Do you have a game ‘story’ that lets the player who is starting get some background about how the game is to be played and what actions he can take?
if its ‘down the road’ then please add me to your subscription list and let me know when its there.

yes we will have a tutorial but that’s after we implemented main things!

On the 23/11/2021 the game will close down again for usa date it be 11/31/2021

looks pretty good like a serious/cold look…

thank you what do you mean by cold look…?

it looks like a cold/windy cloudy place, greyish kinda spooky

ah ye we are trying to go with like a realistic type of thing realistic to the point of changing how long day time is in each season.

oh very cool :slight_smile: its not obvious cos they all from the same time i guess

we like to try and be original

More images coming soon to about the game

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Game is know closed until further notice

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More leaks:

(Again feedback is wanted.)