My new game! SFITH, but if you die, you get kicked

I just released my second game, called Sword Fight in the Heights, but if you die, you get kicked.
The game does as the title suggests and I would like to know if there is anything I can add/remove to increase player enjoyment and engagement overall.


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If you are serious about this, make the game name shorter (like Die = BANNED) and dont straight up copy the “SFITH” map, make your own, add sword skins, currency, etc


use different textures and colours for the blocks, have more than 1 map and don’t get kicket, get put in a prisen as on low end devices it would take a long time to join so they would’nt come back on, you could also add a npc as there is no one to fight. overall it is a good game.


Truth be told, the only thing I believe should be changed is the kicking mechanic.

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into what then? like ban? or just spectate mode etc

Kicking already isn’t a good start in my opinion, therefore banning them for just a single death is over the top. Spectate mode seems nice in the sense you could make a tournament-styled game.


The problem with this is it changes the entire game. The point of the game is that you get kicked once you die. I’ve seen a couple games do this genre before, they can be successful.


As this basically says, the game is meant to be simple and enjoyable, not something which is complex and tricky to play.

since this is creations feedback; this game is nothing near original and i have seen this copied many times. the chances of you actually getting players in this game is pretty low, and this game could be made easily in a short amount of time (this is my opinion)

I would say, make a complete copy of the SFITH map and use that as th map of your game and if it’s successful keep it and add more OG maps. But if it’s not successful make your own maps and try that.

Generic, stupid copy of an existing game. Good luck trolling

You are no were near wrong to be honest

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I haven’t checked it out yet, but the thing that would turn players off to your game is being kicked off the server if they die. If that happened to me, I wouldn’t come back, and I definitely would not spend Robucks in that game either.


  • Put the players back in the starting area. You can sell VIP access for players to get back into the game. Pilfering Pirates does this.
  • Have the players spectate. You can take a look at Hide and Seek Extreme to see an example of this.

I don’t believe that’s necessarily a bad thing. Do you?

I certainly do, there’s lots of those tournament games on Roblox, lacking originality. Without the kicking method, it wouldn’t be unique, and it would cause the owner to have to change everything and start over. You have to remember this is already the whole idea of the game? The main focus. The kicking is pretty much the whole reason the game exists, it’s even apart of the title. Why change it? That’s why it’s honestly a bad thing.

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Exactly what he is saying. I don’t want to earn a profit or get like 1000 players, I want something which is enjoyable with friends and family, even my brothers have been playing it. If you don’t find it fun, don’t play it.

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Fair enough, given the creator is looking to have their own experiences within their game. However, taken objectively, your points don’t make a whole lot of sense for me. Then again, I’m barely on this platform to begin with, so hopefully you can enlighten me otherwise.