My new showcase forest theme!

Right now, I am currently working a forest nature showcase!
This is my first time doing terrain, so it might be bad, I am really sorry!

If you have a suggestion, please comment it! I really appreciate it

Disclaimer: I will add trees when the terrain is done!

Still work on progress! :yum: :heartbeat:

You can see it for yourself!


Wow that must be a very powerful waterfall just to be launching water in a straight line like that.


I will change that later on. hahaha

How do u make the water look so nice? I love it!


LOL you are correct but it still looks good.


Looks good. For the second picture you’ve shown there, I don’t think you should have snow right next to the waterfall. Maybe change that to something like grass.

Also, for the text “The game is still work on progress.”, you should make the text color white and change the font to a font ij the Gotham or SourceSans font family. Also, I think you meant to say “work in progress” and not “work on progress”.

Additionally, for the text, “new game?”, make the “n” on “new and the “g” on “game” capitalized. Overall, looks nice. Good work! :+1:

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I am currently thinking a name for my new game lol

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