My new single player game: Barrel Run

Hello fellow developers! I need some feedback on my creation!

So I spent the last few days creating my game, Barrel Run - Roblox.

It is an infinite line runner where you jump over barrels and spikes along with collect coins to earn points.

I created it to target people on phones and tablets who need to waste a few minutes but don’t want to get started on a full game that will take a while. So something like subway surfers or temple runs audience.

I would like some feedback on how I can improve my game.

Currently I’m thinking of:

  • Randomly generated sections (add more sections).
  • Some kind of store where you can buy skins.
  • Saving the players high-score.
  • New Icon and Thumbnail
  • Better GFX and UI in the game (title, etc.)

Please let me know what you think of it, and if anything should change/be added!
Thank you. :slight_smile:

  • Its amazing
  • Its cool
  • Its ok I guess
  • I don’t think its a good idea
  • Its horrible

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The game is good, but sometimes the barrel came out of nowhere and I don’t have time to jump since the barrel goes right at the spawn or right when I need to jump. Also I’m wondering why I have light on my body when I can see.


Ok. I will remove the light. Thank you!

Is this a rough draft? The concept you’re going for is great, but I don’t think it’s very polished. You should bring a more polished version before trying to get people’s feedback. It’s like advertising a game that has barely any work done. But this idea is pretty similar to the template infinite runner lol.

It’s a great idea but…

Your game is unfortunately just an infinite runner template with log that rolls at set intervals, which can either be easily counteracted (as the gaps are almost always the same) or are impossible to be counteracted as the spikes get in the way

I would recommend:

  1. Adding levels, or a target.
  2. Change themes, add nice backgrounds and different obstacles depending on the theme.
  3. Race version? Instead of a log killing you, it slows you down for a bit so you can race!
  4. Shop; no point in the coins otherwise. Character customisation or log skins

It’s good, but to make it a game people would want to play, you should add more.
Hope this helps!

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Actually, I did not use the line runner template.

Though thank you for all the advice and stuff :heart:.

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Well, I wanted some ideas for what to do with the game. :blush:. Thanks

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You can tell it’s not the line runner template as its not randomly generated.

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