My Newest UGC Concept (Looking for Feedback)

I am currently trying to get into the UGC program and this is the latest addition to my portfolio and I would love your feedback!


That’s pretty cool, maybe there could be other short words… Bruh

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I think this is really cool, and pretty original. I haven’t seen this at all in my time on this platform. Do you plan on scripting them so they like pop up in certain area’s? What’s the whole idea here? I’d love to hear more!

Well unfortunately you can’t have scripts in UGC accessories, but if I were to every do this in a game, I would most definitely make them pop up and I would also use different words as well :slight_smile:


I suppose you could even put a gui in instead of having the text be a mesh. This way you could have the type effect where it types the words as your reading it.

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Yeah good UGC concept idea lol