My NPC Character Glitching / Zooming across the Map

So I have a System of Enemies duping then teleporting to map and just going to the end to put it simple, This certain enemy she has 3d clothing made by me like the other enemies and the other enemies works perfect fine, but, this enemy does not teleport to the map as intended so i took it out of the enemies folder and tested it in workspace using a script and part, making it teleport to the part by humanoidrootpart. If the character is not teleported and just standing there its normal it has its idle anim and everything, but if its humanoidrootpart is teleported to another part then it moves and glitches and goes all over the map, I think it might have something to do with me welding its 3d clothing by Motor6D on accident I’m currently re - welding it, but, is there something going on that I should know about? or maybe a fix.

sorry if this isnt in right category it involves a fully 3d clothing enemy made by me ith a script to teleport her into the map, theres nothing wrong with the script.

It’s funny to see this post after just maybe encountering the same thing. Except in my case, I was teleporting myself when this happened.

I was seeing my camera focus on some area where I couldn’t see any part of my body, and I saw the rest of my body somewhere in the distance.

Also, something to note is that this never happened all of the time. It would happen sometimes, and I’m guessing it’s because the script was trying to teleport before some crucial part of the definition of properties was actually defined, or something like that.

Although I can’t confirm this yet, I sort of remember hearing from somewhere that you shouldn’t really transport HumanoidRootParts through Position, possibly because of other values included in CFrame like Rotation. I’m now using CFrame for teleportation, and it seems to work fine. I cannot guarantee this works, but it’s probably worth a try.

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I fixed it I just got a new rig, put the 3d clothing on, re welded it and teleport by CFrame. The CFrame part was helpful, thanks.