My Official Portfolio!

a little about me! :
hi! my name is FAERIEDU5T, but you can call me fae! i am open for commissions (will edit post if closed)! i have been drawing for about 6-7 years and i love it! i draw 2d artworks and i also design clothing for my clothing group(s)! i have never been hired or done commissions before, so this is a new experience for me! please be patient as i figure this out!

showcase :

icons (85-150 robux)

torso/bust up (150-200 robux)

thigh-ups (230-280 robux)

full body (300-450 robux)

when am i available? :
i am available 3-7 pm (CT) mondays-thursdays and 3-10 pm (CT) fridays-saturdays! if i don’t respond, something has come up. but, i will be sure to respond as soon as i am able to!

how do i pay you? :
i only take payment in robux. you will be paying through a shirt (through one of my groups—i will specify) so you will have to pay a 30% tax in order for me to get the full amount of robux.

how do i contact you? :
you can contact me through messages on roblox or here on devforum!

clothing group links :

thank you so much for reading and checking out my portfolio! :cowboy_hat_face::v:(+if you think i should change any of my prices to be higher/lower, lmk!)