My Own Game Kicks Me

GameGuard Anti Virus V2 [ALPHA] - Roblox, install this plugin and scan both scripts and plugins and remove the ones which you did not add or which seem suspicious.

I already run it in my games always. It doesn’t go.

Read me

Sorry, I saw there is no Require.

It doesn’t kick me in Studio but in Roblox Player.

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The leaderboard script doesn’t seem to be full. Would you mind going all the way down and take a picture?

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Can you try deleting the Readme Script and see what happens?

Try scanning your game for backdoors/viruses

Ok -

Scroll to the right on the readme file. And then just delete it.

I can, but I don’t think it’s a virus. It’s Zednov’s tycoon. And it will take time to test.
The script says Script: Destroy it will be destroyed itself.

Cannot find a require() in there. Does the game kicks you if you’re in studio, mate?

I think it might be the cause. You should try and see.

do “ctrl + f” on your keyboard, search up :kick, press enter, then search up require, press enter. If you see anything that has those two words, delete them. Search through every script possible.

Did you try searching for key words like “Kick” or “require” using the “Find in all scripts” feature?

No, I forgot. Sorry, there is no require function. I get kicked in Roblox Player, not in Studio.

Also, some plugins do contain virus’. Keep that in mind. If you got some “free” version of a paid plugin, remove it from studio.

Of course, It’s my game why wouldn’t I. I took all primary steps except checking all scripts by searching.

Search all scripts for ‘env’ but I’ll bet it’s in the readme script.

Search with CTRL+ SHIFT + F this: :IsClient() and delete the script.

disable all plugins, republish your game, then try to enter it.

Okay, I need some time. Please wait. Sometimes it kicks for 1 or three minutes or sometimes when I join.