My particle emitter streches when it's far away from the center of the camera

Hello, i was working on a vfx but i faced a problem which is my particle emitter stretches when it’s far away from the center of the camera but i don’t think it’s from i think it’s a roblox bug.

Note : most of these particles’ orientation is velocity perpendicular

Any help will be appreciated

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It looks like the floor is doing the same. That’s just what too-high FOV looks like for any 3d camera, in any game or app. If you had control over rendering in a way you don’t in Roblox you could correct it with a ‘fisheye’ distortion.

All you can do to fix it is make it a less wide angle camera.

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I think your solution is not good for me

Are the particles that are getting distorted set to velocity perpendicular? Because it isn’t all the particles, only the pinkish lightning ones. The bubbles and the blue rays don’t seem to suffer from distortion, correct?

Instead of using Velocity perpendicular, you can use FacingCamera. I hope this helped :slight_smile:
Although oh my god thats a high quality detailed VFX

First thx, second i can’t use facing camera it won’t look this anymore

Did you try Attachments?


Ye it’s parented to an attachment

Ive heard of visual issues when emitter is parented to an attachment, try to parent it to a part and see if that helps.

Sadly i tried and it didn’t work either

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