My Player Character Shakes when it goes to a new position

So my Character does this and IDK why it does it:

						local Orgin = Head.Position + (HRP.CFrame.LookVector * 5).magnitude * (HRP.CFrame.LookVector *  5).Unit
						local RaycastResults8 = workspace:Raycast(Orgin, HRP.CFrame.RightVector * 2,  raycastParams)
						local RaycastResults10 = workspace:Raycast(Orgin, -HRP.CFrame.RightVector * 2,  raycastParams)
						if RaycastResults == nil then
							if RaycastResults8 then
								HRP.ClimbVelocity.Velocity =,0,0)
								local hit8 = RaycastResults8.Instance
								local pos8 = RaycastResults8.Position
								local Normal8 = RaycastResults8.Normal
								HRP.CFrame =, - Normal8.x,HRP.Position.Y,HRP.Position.Z - Normal8.z))
								HRP.BodyGyro.CFrame =, - Normal8.x,HRP.Position.Y,HRP.Position.Z - Normal8.z)

What exactly did you want to achieve here?

The issue is probably caused by the BodyGyro, but I need to know what that CFrame was supposed to represent.