My portfolio for any development stuff

Hello fellow devs. I just felt like putting this out there for the developer community to see.

About Me
I’m a roblox veteran, (I had like 5 other accounts, I abandoned all of them for various complications.) and I’ve been animating for about a year now, and have been on the devforum for a few months.


somehow screwed up the final ragdoll, idk why.
not my best animation

Oof, not much time. I’m working with another dev studio right now, but this can change. I can always put you on a waitlist for when I do get time though.

I’m not a cashgrabber, I still want pay though. My preferred method of pay is through Robux payouts.

Definitely better at non-combat stuff, but I can still do it.

Extremely smooth combat animations.

Thanks for reading! :wink: