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About me
Hi there my name is Mato and I am roblox developer. I develop with roblox studio and sometimes with blender to make things I can’t in the roblox studio. I am very active, when there are vacations I can be active for 12hours a day or even more, but when there is school I can only be active for about 4-6hours a day. I am builder, 3d modeller in blender and roblox studio and I know how to make accesorry for like military stuff (helmets, unfiroms etc…)

I worked on 3 projects now, only one of them was completed but it’s still in development, I worked with in the military base, made few 3d models, I was building cafe, but then owner decided to stop the work which is kind of a sketchy thing to me and third project is a superhero based game that I am making it currently, since I don’t know the full house I made house by myself and how it would look. You can check it out here!
The cafe looks like this

And the military base I don’t have any pictures, but I made couch with 3dblender, cup, trees, flags and some stones.

I didn’t got paid to do these things, except the military base where I earned few robux. I accept robux and Euro/USD with PayPal.


  • 3D Modelling with roblox studio/ blender:
    Low detailed: 10 robux per model
    Normaly detailed: 20 robux per model
    Highly detailed: 50 robux per model (depends on how much time I spent and how big it is)

  • Building:
    Low detailed: 50 robux per building (depends on how much time I spent and how big it is)
    Normally detailed: 75 robux per building (depends on how much time I spent and how big it is)
    Highly detailed: 125 per building (depends on how much time I spent and how big it is)

  • Uniforms, clothing
    I do make clothing, but only for myself,
    I only make 3D armor and I will not do any of the stuff unless it’s 3D armor -100 Robux per accessory (Helmet, Vest, Pants)

You can contact me by discord Mato#7079 or you can DM me here on DeveloperForums, massage me on Roblox

Thanks for reading!

  • Mato

Hi, just thought to give some minor feedback:

I assume English isn’t your first language.
I suggest going over your post and reviewing and patching up some spelling mistakes.
Its important to show a degree of professionalism when looking for work.
One example would be:

Unfortunately, you don’t have a lot of background to account for your credibility. I suggest finishing up your games, and modifying or redoing your portfolio before moving forward and looking for other work. When you have something to show, you will have an easier time finding paid work.

I don’t think going by “part” is a very accurate form of payment. Since its pretty vague what a part would be. Would it be a single roblox part? A single union? A single model?
It is very easy to make simple models have like 30 parts when it could just be 3 or something.
Also in blender, unless you mean full mesh models, you can’t really say “by part” since blender is more a union of vertices (triangles).

You state by clothing, but its fairly vague as well. Do you mean by shirts/pants/individual clothing?

Hope this is good enough feedback to improve your portfolio! Good luck on your games!

Thank you for your feedback, I will correct my portfolio, and yes English isnt my first language