My Pre-Alpha Game

I have made this game. Feel free to explore but the content is very limited. I would love to get some feedback on how I can improve the gameplay and see if I should continue making it or should I scratch the project altogether. Any feedback is good.
Game link:
The point if the game is to escape this house and use creative ways and items to get out of it.

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(I wasn’t able to advance to the next phase since there was no crowbar anywhere in the room.)

A couple of points I was thinking while playing this:

  • FogEnd needs to be adjusted. It’s way too dark in the room that’s hard to even know where I’m going.

  • Cursor needs to be added. It’s a struggle trying to aimlessly open drawers and doors with no cursor guide of sort. It doesn’t have to be fancy or anything, it could just be a white dot.

  • Genre… what is it? Survival? Horror? Most likely horror, but seems like a puzzle game.

  • Add 3D sound environments to make the room not sound so silent and dead. (open drawers, doors, wood noises, a fan, ect…)

I think the concept is worth exploring, but I’m not sure what else to say since the work is very limited. It would help out a lot if you gave us more info on what the premise is.

Sorry about that. The feedback is very good and thank you for the advice. It is a puzzle game and I wanted it to feel like a horror game at the same time. To get the crow bar you would need to access the stairs located under the stack of boxes. Push the boxes away and then you get to the second floor.

For me I tested it out, and I was able to find the second floor in 2-3 minutes it was a well built game. I also think it gives a great horror vibes. Great job! :smile:

Thank you. I want to make it longer. I want the horror vide, but there is no horror.

It was good I made it pass the crowbar part to the pool ball, and then I left. But through that time period it was very well made, and I hope you game expands.

Thank you. It is nice to hear, from all of you as well. I quit this project a week ago, but now I see that it is worth it to expand it, thank you for your feedback.

No problem, I hope this project goes good. Maybe you can turn it into a multi player puzzle game. Just a suggestion.

The game is a nice concept, but everything was open on room to room. I would personally separate the bathroom, because having a bathroom just in the open to me is a bit off. When you interact with stuff, cabinets for example, I would change the color of the interaction color to something rather than blue.

  • One thing I noticed was the poll ball just floats up in the air when you right click, and I could not figure out what to do with it, just like the crowbar, it just covers the middle of your screen.
  • Another thing, when you’re interacting with cabinets or something else, there’s a chance where the blue outline of the thing you’re interacting with just stays that color when you’re not even near it nor interacting with it.

The crowbar and the pool ball are both from a reused gun scripts. The shooting is disabled but the aim is still in. That is why this happened when you right click. For the color staying glitch. I do not have a fix for it for now. It can hopefully be fixed since I haven’t seen it glitch once for me. When you get to the pool pool, that it… the content is very limited at the moment. More content coming soon! I chose blue since it sticks out. If you can have an example as another color that would be good, please say id you can, I am wondering what it could be.

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I have three comments:

  1. You should add a bobbing animation for when your character is walking
  2. The character walks too fast and jumps too high for the type of game, fixing that would be great.
  3. The building is good, however the ceiling is a bit high.
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Very nice. I like this suggestions and I would keep it in mind when updating

Make it where you cant drop items .
It should be a single player.

I couldn’t see my mouse which made the whole game a whole lot harder. You should also make the servers single player because once the other person in my server got the crowbar it disappeared for me too, causing me to not be able to continue to the next section. Maybe for the boxes when a player hovers their mouse over them theres a ui that says “Maybe theres something under these boxes?”

The game was mean’t to be one player but I wanted to see who it would be with more then one person ingame. I have disabled the curer in the game. But because of this issue, I would add the curser back in.

Hey, can you add some screenshots for people who cannot join right now? That would be great.
If you see a curser, pretend that it is not there.

The game has been updated a little bit. There is now a cursor and you can do something with the pool ball.

Love the lighting, gives a dramatic effect. But i didn’t really like the buildings and the lack of guidance. I suggesting scripting and making your own tools instead