My RDC and GDC's Questions and Answers Post (Q&A/Questions & Answers)

@RDC @RobloxDeveloperConference, So I had Questions I had mine mind, and I would care for some Answers;

  1. Is Every Roblox Developer Conference and Game Developer Conference is at the ROBLOX HQ?

  2. Does RDC and GDC only happen at Special Events? (Holidays, Celebration, etc.)

  3. Is a RDC or GDC Roblox’s Main Real Life Event?

  4. Is a Game Developer Conference only Hosted on Weekends?

  5. Do you have to be Invited to an Roblox Developer Conference or Game Developer Conference?

  6. Is an RDC Just made for Developers?
    There those are my Questions, Enjoy your Time Answering, Peace and Out

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I don’t know what the GDC is so I’ll be skipping it (not sure if it’s even an official event).

No it’s not hosted in the Roblox HQ. You can choose to visit it but it’s hosted in Hyatt Regency Hotel just to the south from SFO.

Nope. RDC’s happening on 9th-11th August and I don’t recall there being any US holidays there.

RDC is the only official real life Roblox event. There may be ones hosted by players but they aren’t official.

Yes. RDC is an invite-only event.

Even tho it has Developer in its name, there’s quite a bit of YouTubers going to the event.

All of that info can be found on the RDC website ( but I hope that I clarified some stuff.


Thank You @Krunnie, I Appreciate That


Also, Here is an Roblox Blog Post about the GDC:

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From what I can see here, GDC isn’t a Roblox event. They just made a one time appearance there.


Can confirm. GDC is a whole separate event to anything that Roblox has ever hosted. GDC is more similar to E3 or PAX than RDC.


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