My script and GUI was gone

OK, I wake up, Talk with some friends, Play some roblox, then I went to edit my game… Then when I published it I realized that my script and dialogue gui that took me 14 hours to make, Was not working, I checked my studio’s explorer tab, And that script and Gui is gone. I am trying my best not to scream right now, I am mad. Someone help, I spent 14 hours on that script. I could check my auto saves, But the auto saves I have are too old.

I dont think that is an appropriate title.

I think there’s an option which you can revert back to the last update?

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Fixed, I changed the title to a better one.

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Hello, mad

Scripting Support is not the appropriate category for your post. If you can re-produce this bug reliably then submit a correctly presented bug report in #platform-feedback:engine-bugs

This is not a scripting support question. You should create a bug report following the bug report requirements if you are certain you published to the correct place and it succeeded.