My script Is not working

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I want to spawn in the right direction. But I have tried everything to make me spawn in the prisoners team when I press the prisoners button.

  2. What is the issue?
    This is where i want prisoners to spawn

    This is where I want police to spawn

    This is the script

    I keep spawning here

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    I have tried to make a team handler script. But, it still won’t work.

Use SpawnLocations and set their Team.

It still won’t work. I don’t know why. But thanks.

Could you use ctrl+s and upload the file you created so I can look into it?

May I give you a vid? I can’t do that

You spelled Humanoid wrong.

Go to the ‘View’ tab at the top and turn ‘Output’ on. It’ll show you errors.

I don’t see the place where I spent humaniod wrong.

Line 11.
It’s humanoid, you put humaniod

Oh let me test that out I will see.

Post 6:

Go to the ‘View’ tab at the top and turn ‘Output’ on. It’ll show you errors.

Oh yeah, sorry I’ll delete my reply

Change the CFrame of the humanoidrootpart, not the position. It detaches it from the body, whereas changing the cframe moves the whole character.
*Video showing why

I’ve never had any issues using position.

The video that I sent shows what it does when done on the server, but if you were to do it on the client, your character just freaks out. It makes it so that the player playing their character seems fine, but the server sees something else, and other clients see what the server sees.

Well it’s done on the server, I see your point, but it wouldn’t really matter.

Thank you guys for helping me I really appreciate it.