My script isn't enabling after I disabled it before the game started

Hi, I just wanted to ask why my code seems to not be enabling after I disabled the script before the game has started.

Here’s the script that is used to un-disable the code.

local DummyClone = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("CloneDummy")
local DumClone = DummyClone.Dummy:Clone()
DumClone.PrimaryPart.Position =,5,4)
DumClone.Parent = game:GetService("Workspace")
DumClone.MoveScript.Disabled = false

The local script to print the message



print("Script Start: Move Script")

I’ve looked at other solutions on the Developer Hub but they don’t match what has occurred to me.

Many thanks, Sonicfoo3

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actually your script is enabled you need to set “true” to disabled it

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Hi, I seem to be unsure of what you mean. I want to un-disable the local script (the second script on the post) and I have disabled the local script before the game had started.

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Your code works perfectly fine. The issue is that Local scripts can’t run on server-created parts - they only run for player instances (and their descendants).

The solution would be to swap out the LocalScript with a Script and paste your dummy code there.


Thanks, I forgot that properties could only be changed by the server.

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