My specific module script is not working

I don’t know why one of my module scripts is not working.

This is some fact about that script:

  • It’s placed inside a Server Script Service
  • It’s a package script created by my group experience
  • It’s up-to-date and the auto-update link is turned on
  • It’s working fine on the original place that I created them (but not working on my new place)
  • It has quite a long line of code (around 500, and I don’t wanna place it here)
  • It does not shown any error

The solutions that I’ve tried so far:

  • put the print(“Hello World”) at the top of the script (it doesn’t print)
  • Create another script inside Server Script Service with print(“Hello World”) (and it does print!?)

So, I’m really confused right now, about what happened and why it’s happened.

Are you requiring it with a server script?

Aight, I never know that I have to require the module script before its normal line of code needs to work. Thanks a lot.

No problems. Module scripts don’t work like other scripts (Script/LocalScripts), they act similarly to dictionaries but that you can get in different scripts at once. They’re very useful in certain cases. Glad I could help.

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