My UGC Concept #2 | Organic Topwear

Oki, this is my second UGC Concept. A friend of mine asked me to make this so yea.
I don’t think it is that good (since the idea is kinda repetitive) and also since the vines don’t look that good.
Anyways, Feedback appreciated :wink:


nice job how long did it take to make it

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Took me just over an hour. Also thanks :wink:

Perfect for Enchanted/Fairy Cosplayers, But I don’t know. what’s the Result tho if we upload that on Catalog, Cause the other UGC On picture is like Cool and Realistic but If they upload it on the Catalog. its like a Cartonic UGC item. Nice job tho, I like how the flower suits on the head. :clap:

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Leaving behind the excess of bold text, thanks a lot :slight_smile: