My very first story game!

Hey guys! New developer here! I just released my very first big game! It’s my first time making a story game and I think it turned out great! I’ve been working on this game for 3 months! Well, hopefully, you guys will like it! Please respect, thank you! Enjoy the game!


For feedback/bug reports, you can comment here or you can DM me on discord! Thomasssssss#8084

credits to @GB_Sloth for the terrain design.


For trying to do a good quality feedback i played you’r game and writed all the bad point for helping you to fix all of that!

  • No way to mute the music in hte lobby
  • The camera moov in the beginning are too fast
  • The UI don’t look that good
  • The music is only in the lobby (not on the game)
  • The gamepass are too visible
  • Too many coins in a little area (In the spawn)
  • No blue trails at the beginning??
  • Too many meteor
  • Taking damage during animations
  • Too much blur sometimes for no reason
  • The text look too basic
  • The game is too hard at the beginning
  • It’s hard to understand the story (because the game is too fast)
  • It jump after every transition for no reason
  • The sound are too loud
  • Why we get ultra speed during boss fight ??
  • The player don’t really look scared (in the Story)
  • The apple only regen 1 HP
  • Too many transitions
  • You loose HP for no reason when you touch some object
  • We find a crowbar and a hammer in a jail, why, i mean, how it’s possible?
  • The obby is hard
    And i sadly died, and i’v not the time to play again, sorry about that.

Anyway, it’s a cool game, just the story is a little bit basic.
Good work, hope you will change all of that !

Have a good day!


Thank you so much for your honest feedback! It’s actually my first time, and I’m trying to make it original. And yeah! I’m trying to save my robux to hire a UI designer cause I don’t really like designing GUIs, lol. I’ll try my best to improve everything that you’ve listed!

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Oh if you need a UI designer it can be a pleasure to make you one for free.

My Discord : Manda#9819
Twitter : NacosDnz

Hope you will accept !

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