My visit time varies from 2-70 minutes per visit

So bascally idk if this is good or not. My game is a simualtor like lifting simualtor not the copied onces. It has a 28-2 like ratio(Game publish was a bit buggy that’s where the 2 dislikes came from) I think the issue is that a lot of players want to be social and my game haven’t had the potental chance to get there. As my game is usally at 2-5 players highest is 20 players active. But i think the issue is that roblox is meant to be social and to see other players characters, and my simulator is lacking the chance to see players that have grinded so far ahead(unless they view the leaderboards). One last thing i would like to include is that my game has 2.7k Total Visits!

What’s the average number of minutes in-game?
Some people will click on a game thinking they might be interested then not stay around, or they may get called away by something else going in IRL.
Always look at averages for something like this.

8.88 minutes, Is the average playtime when i do by month. I think it might be beacuse that the game has a small amount of players.

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