My weapon animations no longer work

Hello! I have been working on my guns for my game for about 3 months now, and i spent about 6 hours on making a reloading animation for my gun (I’m not particularly good at animating), today, I have finally finished my gun script, and only to find that my animations no longer work due to an update on animations.

how i merge my gun with my humanoid’s rig:

local Tool = script.Parent

WeldName = "RightMotor6DGrip"---Change the name here if you'd like to

function Tool_Equipped(M)
    local plr_char = Tool.Parent
    local Right_Arm = plr_char:FindFirstChild("RightHand")
    local Right_GripW = Right_Arm:WaitForChild("RightGrip",2)
    Right_Weld ="Motor6D")
    Right_Weld.Part0 = Right_GripW.Part0
    Right_Weld.Part1 = Right_GripW.Part1
    Right_Weld.C0 = Right_GripW.C0
    Right_Weld.C1 = Right_GripW.C1
    Right_Weld.Parent = Right_Arm
    Right_Weld.Name = WeldName

function Tool_Unequip()


It seems that now, parts within a tool cannot be animated and I would like to know how I would go about fixing this. This is halting an update for my game and I would really like to get it fixed.

Is there any error???

No, the parts under the tool class instance aren’t being animated as they were previously.