My wins and points leaderboard is a bit buggy

So, for this game I made, The Dingus Minigames - Roblox , my wins and points leaderboard isn’t working if you have under a certain amount of points. I don’t know why this is. Does anyone think they can help?


first off all u might wanna remove giant pcalls when debugging because all they do is ignore errors and keep the code running

and second of all your wait(60) is waiting a string “60” down at the bottom so that may be breaking ur script a lil bit because the loop will be running mega fast if not erroring, u also cant use datastore functions to frequently without getting throttled.

also in your second for loop you are destroying everything then in the function you are calling you are trying to call everything… but youve just removed everything…

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I don’t understand what you mean about the destroy part. I think it destroys the old leaderboard and updates it with the new one. I might try adding that in the update part of the script

Yeah I dont think it changed anything. The problem is that the leaderboard isn’t working for some players who are under a certain amount of points or wins and idk why

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alright, but like what can I do to fix my own script?