Mysterious: GZip error 1, ZLib error -5,

“GZip error 1, ZLib error -5,…” etc.

This isn’t breaking my game save. Rejoined just in case. Same error, and only happens for me in that game and not any of the other 4 people in it.

Posting this in case it is causing some hidden problem or if I get told it’s harmless and to ignore it.

My GUESS is that it has something to do with when the DataPersistence died a few months ago - when saving an instance would wipe that player’s whole data folder. Maybe (hopefully) this error is just a harmless leftover error from that bug/bug fix?

Img link:

Also what are all these annoying spam orange messages, are they supposed to mean anything… I just end up collapsing them anyway. Would be nice if it was default collapsed.

Looks like the ‘Bad Request’ syndrome has re-surfaced.