Mystery Island Adventure Dev Log #1

19th Feburary 2021.

Continuing what I started.

I decided to continue on with the development of my game known as Mystery Island Adventure. I decided to continue working on it as I feel like it is something that could feel like something interesting to make alongside working on some projects.

For those who want to know the game does mainly take inspiration from platforming games from consoles such as the Dreamcast, PS1 & PS2. But I decided to make this as a way to not only improve my building skills but also learn some new things about making games but also use this to maybe practice working towards making bigger and better games.

I started on redesigning the main menu UI yesterday but did some work on the first level today.

Things I have done for now:
Main Menu UI
Level 1 (started working on).

Things to do/focus on:
Script UI to work.
Continue work on Level 1/start level 2 & level 3 (Boss #1).
Lives system.
Game Over Screen.
Charcter dialogue.

Anyways here are some screenshots of recent work.

Any feeback, suggestions and/or improvements would be greatley appreciated. I will try and post another devlog later on as development progresses. But until then there will be a lot of work to get done which will be done in my free time when I’m not working on my projects or any assignments.


I’m sorry if this comes off as rude however the game feels very plain try adding trees of stones on the beach.

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I do plan on adding some detail to the environment in order to make it more detailed but also things like palm trees and stones/rocks. Anyways, Thanks for the suggestion.

no problem man hope your projects turn’s out well

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all works so far, just keep add stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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I decided to do a bit more work but I added palm trees but also some rocks. I also created a watch tower which would be used by the tribe enemies but also for level 6 which would take place on the river area of the island and it would involve hiding from tribes people in guard watch towers. I also decided to create the exterior ruin of the old island temple/cave.

A couple of screenshots from today. I have started the Island cave level where the player will encounter one of the game’s 5 antagonists who will be the Island Tribe leader. I know I’m still adding details but I will eventually start doing more work on the Island Cave which will be the 2nd level of the game.

Decided to add rocks as a way to guide players on where to go.

Added more decor to level 1 but also made a start on the Island Cave level which will be level 2.

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Some pictures of the Island Cave level. This will be the level before the first boss of the game who will be Dr Chaos but will also be where you will encounter 2 out of the 4 ally characters who will be Brendan and Sarah. They will help the player throughout the game.
I also used this image as some inspiration mainly for the lava but also the bridges and wooden platforms.

A couple of screenshots from today where I’ve started the first part of level 4 but also the area before the platforms will be where the first boss battle of the game will take place.

Ummm, Alot of stuff in the game is off. The palm trees doesn’t fit the low poly terrains. Everything is like too precise. I don’t think lava would fall 90 degrees down. The lava’s texture should be redo’d. I also I don’t think a tower should be randomly in lava


I’m thinking if I ever get the chance, I might change it to terrain. But also, the lava is supposed be like a waterfall but I’ll consider redesinging the texture but maybe animating it. I know the tower in the lava may seem like a weird idea but i kind of wanted to make it look like that it had fell in due to the path starting to collapse. I was gonna have some sort of collectable there but But I’ll work on those. The Palm trees are also just there for the time being.

Here’s a couple of screenshots of parts of the game with terrain.

Use parts instead of terrain but pls make it detailed

I do plan on using parts but mainly for the temple level but I will still use terrain. I may also use parts for certain assets within the game but mainly the game environment will use terrain. I might decide to have a mix of both in some areas.

I would change the lava if I’m going to be honest. It just feels different looking at the lava.

I’ve changed it to the cracked lava from the terrain but I do need to put in a script but I might think about making it animated.

Here’s a picture of the steps which will lead to the Old Slate Temple level.

The steps to the temple but also a glimpse of the temple entrance. I decided to change the colour of the slate to make it stand out more. I will try and work on the previous areas of what I have done so far but eventually the game will move into the Pre-Alpha/Alpha phases of development once some of the gameplay elements have been implemented. I will still improve the game based on any feedback/suggestions given.