Myth Fort and Fairzone Info

Myth Fort and Fairzone Info

Commands are available to Specialist+ in Myth and Owners of Private Servers.

Set Admin Commands - Separate from the Kohl’s Admin Commands, Only at Fairzones
Do not include square brackets when using, they are there to simply indicate an input parameter.

:addadmin [Name] - Adds the person to the admin list so they can use the commands on here.
:removeadmin [Name] - Removes the person from the admin list.
:addgroupadmin [groupID] [groupRank] - People with a group rank equal or higher than [groupRank] for the group with the corresponding group ID will have access to admin commands.
:removegroupadmin [groupID] - Removes admin commands for group with corresponding group ID.
*Affected players will need to rejoin the server for the effects to take place.

Raid Commands

:startraid - Starts Normal raid

  • 45 minute timer + Overtime
  • 400 second cap
  • 1.5 sec rollback
  • 3 AR
  • 2 Shotgun
  • 1 Sniper


  • 900 second term timers
  • No time limit
  • No rollback
  • 5 AR
  • 3 Shotgun
  • 1 Sniper
  • Medi guns

Super Clan mode only for Ersaiv:
:startsupraid - Starts Super Raid

  • 75 minute timer + Overtime
  • 600 second cap
  • 1 sec rollback
  • Inf ARs/Shotguns
  • 8 Snipers
  • Medi guns

:finish true - Server kicks everyone at the end
:finish false - Server does not kick everyone at the end

:reset - Stops all the timers. Use “:startraid” or “:startsupraid” to start a new match.

Weapon Commands
The following commands determines what weapons you spawn with. These require a respawn to take effect so it is recommended to use “:respawn all” or “:re all” afterwards.
:Default - Weapons are given based on the slots in the class system.
:SMG - SMG only.
:FAST - Full Auto ST only.
:SST - Semi Auto ST only.
:AR - AR only.
:Recon - Snipers only.
:Sword true - Spawn with a sword.
:Sword false - Spawn without a sword.

For more ability to change limits of the classes, here are a couple new commands:
:limit [class] [number]
Insert AR,ST, or Recon into the class slot followed by a number to set the limit for that class. Without square brackets.
For example: I want to change limit of Recon to 5, I would say in chat “:limit Recon 5”.