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About Me

Hi! I’m sean21307, an 18 year old from Maryland. I’ve been developing my scripting skills here on Roblox for over 6 years. I’ve spent most of my time creating frameworks and content for fighting games, however I can complete a wide variety of tasks!


A Hero's Destiny (2020)

A Hero’s Destiny is a fighting game where you spin for a class and progress through challenging enemies while leveling up your stats. The majority of the game was made by me alone, except for the GFX and some of the buildings. Compared to some of my other work, the game is very low quality, but it performed well.

Game Link
Legacy Game Link

Ro-Seekers (2021)

Ro-Seekers is a round based game inspired by prop hunt. Participate in rounds to gain coins and purchase skins, powers, taunts, and perks. The game was entirely made by me alone, and although it didn’t perform exceptionally well, I believe it is still a good example of my skills.

Game Link


Attack Examples

Teleportation Ability
CFramed Projectiles using Bezier curves
CFramed Beam Attack
CFramed Missiles
Rock Attack
Recent examples on YouTube

Small Crafting Project

Weapons, Adding Items, Destroying Structures
Crafting, Placing Structures


Interactive UI (2021)
Climbing System (2021)
Bare-bones skill tree (2020)
Cafe System (2020)
Character Creator (2018)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at sean21307#0018

Thanks for reading!


Discord doesn’t work?

Interested in hiring.

Sorry, I was messing with a friend and changed my name, it’s fixed now. Due to lots of schoolwork, I’m currently only available for small projects and commissions.

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I am very Interested in hiring you for one of my future projects, addind you. :smiley:

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Recently hired MythicalShade for a restaurant system project. He was done way before I expected and is a very good communicator. His work is very organized and impressive. He made the vision I had for my group become a reality. Would highly recommend hiring him!

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