myWorld is hiring all types of developers [CLOSED]

Who are we?

Hello! We are Cyburr - Roblox a recently founded studio on Roblox, we are a development studio looking for developers on myWorld! All types of developers. myWorld is a island adventure based off the popular game Animal Crossing.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for builders, modelers, project managers, and Ui designers! If you do not meet any of our expectations then you will not be accepted.


Do not apply if you do not meet these

Builder: As a builder we expect you to work with our modelers and me myself making creative builds that fit a low poly style. (1/2)

Modeler: As a modeler, you are fully expected to work with our builders and myself to create low poly builds that interest the players in staying ingame. You also will be expected to model cute characters. (1/3)

Scripter: As a scripter you will be working with our co-owner to create a interactive experience, you are expected to know Lua and LuaU and Roblox’s functions. (1/2)

Project Manager: You are expected to plan game updates that the player will enjoy and compel them, you will also be working to bind the team together.

Ui Designer: You will be expected to work with me to create creative Ui designs that fit a low poly sort of cute style.


As a newly founded studio like most we are paying percent’s, but don’t leave as they can be increased based on all of your hard work. Payment will vary.

Contact us

Contact us on discord @ Clxzed#9714

Must be 15+ to work here

Test the game yourself: myWO - Roblox


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