N | Alliance Inquiries

Hi there! It seems you have some interest in forming an alliance with our group! We truly enjoy interacting and creating partnerships with many groups! To have your group partnered with us, we have some requirements that must be fulfilled, once those requirements are fulfilled we ask you message a Corporate member. Remember that we are looking to build healthy relationships with other groups as well as seeing us mutually benefit from an alliance.

Requirements for Partnerships

  • Group must have at least 500 members
  • Group members must be active and participate in community events.
  • Groups must be professional while still keeping some uniqueness within them.
  • Group must be willing to attend our community events as well as announce them.
  • Group must have communication with us as well as be kind, respectful, and honest.

Alliance Questions and Interview

  • What is the name of the group you are requesting an alliance for?

  • What would you provide for us through this alliance?

  • What are you looking to gain through being in an alliance with us?

  • How many members are currently in your group?

  • Who are some of your group’s representatives that we could speak with?

  • Are you willing to announce community events and other announcements going throughout our community?

  • Please link your Roblox group, your communications server, and your main game.

Our Promise

Just as we have requirements for alliances, I’m sure you do too. It is our promise that we will follow your requirements, as well as our own. We thank you for being interested in a partnership with us. If you have any questions, concerns, or inquires about alliances, please message a Corporate member, or a Co-Founder.

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