Names | Alliance Information


Hey there! Since you have come over this thread properly means that you wants to become an alliance with us? I guessed so! In this thread, you will be finding everything you need to know about becoming an alliance, being an alliance, the requirements, and much more!


  • Your group must have at least 50, non-botted members. (You can have a bot, as long you have a maximum of 50 users in total)
  • Your group must have a MR, HR and a SHR team on your group.
  • At least 1 Discord Server.
  • Able to announce upcoming events about Names Association.
  • Able to communicate to your community; must have a good stand with Roblox’s ToS.
  • Have at least 2 represents in our discord server.

You are:

  • Responsible for any inconvenience that may happen in our games. (Such as Advertisement, trolling, scamming, etc)
  • An alliance with an cafe group. Show respect to both of our staff and customers if you are visiting.

You will:

  • Be able to announce our upcoming events and updates in your group’s Discord Server.
  • Be able to follow our guidelines; Must follow our guidelines and Code of Conduct.
  • Be able to show professionally to our group and customer.


You may apply via our application center at this time.


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Trello: Trello Coming Soon!
Application Center: Coming Soon!

Thanks for reading!
~ Schedency, Names Association Chairman