Names Cafe | Game Rules

Hello, and welcome to Names Cafe, the upcoming cafe group on Roblox! We’re a group with 1 Chairman, @Schedency, and 2 Vice-Chairman, @matheo1234567891011, and @Shibebloxian.

To have an awesome and safe time here at Names Cafe, we’ve been creating some rules that you may follow once you are in our game. Failure to following these rules will result in a kick, and if it is very bad, a permanent ban.

  1. Using all caps letters is forbidden.
  2. Spamming is prohibited, do not try and destroy the chat. Please.
  3. Trolling is prohibited. Do not try and ruin other’s experiences.
  4. Hacking/Exploiting is prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.
  5. Being disrespectful to other customers or staff members is not allowed.
  6. Harassing/DDoisng is not tolerated and will be resulted in an immediate ban.
  7. Swearing is strictly prohibited.
  8. Advertising is not allowed. That includes (but it is not limited to); discord servers, group games, websites, etc
  9. Racism, Sexism, Cyber-bullying, or discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited.

I hope you understand and are willing to keep our community safe!

The Names Team