Nando's || Staff Guidelines

This document outlines the guidelines for Nando’s staff members, which must be followed at all times.

- Section 1: Basic Rules

While working for Nando’s Chicken, employees are required to keep the following in mind:

  • Display maturity constantly;
  • Be helpful and friendly at all times;
  • Always utilize proper grammar/spelling/punctuation;
  • Focus on performing their specific duties at all times.

- Section 2: Miscellaneous Regulations

  • Staff are not allowed anywhere that counts as another role’s area. For example, waiters are not allowed in the kitchen.
  • Staff may not fulfill the duties of another role, even if there are none online.
  • Staff should follow any advice given by their respective Lead Staff, but must comply with direct orders issued by any Executive (Shift Manager+).
  • Emojis/emoticons (for example; XD , :P , :O , etc.) are not permitted and should be avoided at all costs. The only exception to this is :) , which may be used as a politeness marker.

- Section 3: Rank-specific Directives


  • Security staff stay mainly at the entrance, dealing with customers that do not line up.
  • If that station is covered, security staff may stroll around the restaurant (however, only in areas customers are able to enter - not the kitchen and such)
  • Upon sighting staff members attempting to enter restricted areas, security staff should ask them to leave and report to a Shift Manager+ if they refuse.
  • Customers that do not line up, are excessively rude or are a nuisance in general to the restaurant should be asked to stop and warned at least once before being handcuffed to an appropriate location.
  • Click and hold your mouse on people with the handcuffs tool equipped to cuff them.
  • A minimum of one warning should be given before each time a customer is handcuffed. (for example, warning -> handcuffed -> warning -> handcuffed, not warning -> handcuffed -> handcuffed)
  • Handcuffs may only be used as a last resource. If an Executive deems your usage as abusive (under their own discretion), you will be suspended, demoted, or fired without prior warning.
  • Exploiters (NOT GLITCHERS) may be handcuffed without prior warnings and kept cuffed until they are kicked/banned by a Shift Manager+.


  • Waiters greet customers at the front podium asking for the number of people.
  • Waiters escort the users to a table that matches their amount.
  • Waiters should provide the customers with a menu, asking for their orders.
  • Waiters process the order at any register. Spices must be provided for orders that require spices.
  • Waiters may only use the Order Meal / Order Drink sections of the computer.
  • Waiters must deliver the food from the kitchen counter to the tables.
  • Waiters should wonder about the tables asking the customers if everything’s fine and if they have any more orders to place.


  • Chefs must enter chef mode (using the button on the left-side of the screen) when they’re in the kitchen.
  • Chefs should take the orders from the printer in the kitchen and start making them.
  • Chefs ought to ensure each item is served to the correct table number.
  • Chefs should try to prepare food in a logical order for each individual table (for example, starters before desserts) , serving meals as they are ready.
  • Chefs are required to prepare fresh meals, i.e., food should not be cooking before it is ordered.
    NOTE: If you wish to get rid of orders, cross out every item that is part of it (click to strike-through).

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If you have any question, please message any Executive.