Nano plex administrator department

Rulebook rules

G-1 Always respect your higher ups.
G-2 Follow Roblox Community Guidelines
G-3 If you are off duty you are to wear the off duty badge.
G-4 Do not talk down to visitors.
G-5 You will not attempt to sabotage any operations in any facility.
G-6 Do not abuse your weapons.


A-1 Do not use your power for no reason.
A-2 Do not hand out free admin , doing so will have you kicked.
A-3 If hosting a training , make sure it is fair.
A-4 Do not use your weapons for no reason.
A-5 Kicking/Banning is a last resort action , not first.
A-6 Do not Promote anyone to Administrator without checking with AX

Trainees At A Training

TR-1 Do not mess around.
TR-2 Obey all orders by the Administrator/Trainer
TR-3 If we decide to dock “Apps”, we have good reason. Do not question it.

Trainer assistants. [TA]

TA-1 Do not use your weapons for no reason.
TA-2 Answer any questions the trainees have
TA-3 Do not act like a HR just because you are helping the trainer.
TA-4 Follow ALL orders the Trainer gives you.


T-1 Treat everyone fairly
T-2 Do not weigh over one activity heavily.
T-3 Do not abuse weaponry
T-4 If you make a custom event , make sure it is fair to both sides.
T-5 Ensure promotions are done , no excuses.
T-6 2 Hour Training Limit.
T-7 Only Trooper+ can be picked as TA. Any Troopers who aren’t picked as TA become trainee.