NASA STS Program Recreation (Builders/Scripters)

Note: I’m posting this for @FlightVector as he can’t post yet.

What first started as a passion project back in 2012 has finally become a reality due to improvements in Roblox’s technology. The goal of our program is to simulate each of the 135 launches of the Space Shuttle Program in Roblox including all payloads. We strive to be the most realistic simulation ever made on this platform. Our current schedule is roughly one launch every other week due to lack of developers. We aim to launch at least once or twice a week in the future.

We are currently a ~300 person group. Each launch that we host usually has a single server attendance of 100-200 players. We simulate everything from legitimate astronaut training to ground operations. We aim to be as realistic as possible, gathering our information from NASA schematics and information manuals.


As of now, we are approaching STS-6 and have lost several important members of our development team. We require passionate scripters and builders to construct the necessary assets for each mission.

Our current development team consists of:



  • Researching payloads and gathering information on the payloads
  • Constructing payloads based upon real life images and schematics
  • Coding the deployment and operation of payloads
  • Coding shuttle mechanics
  • Constructing necessary assets


As of current, payment is not possible, as this is a non monetized passion project; however we do plan on incorporating monetization in the future to secure developers and reward you for your time dedicated to the project. Payment terms will be discussed when able.


Requirements vary for both builders and scripters, however both are expected to be competent and work independently or with a group to design and create the assets for each launch.

Images & Videos


The following images are from legitimate missions and are not created in studio for effect:

Here are some videos of previous launches:



We are looking to fill multiple positions. Additional pictures and information are available upon request. Must be 13+ years old to apply.

Discord: FlightVector#9013
Roblox: FlightVector


It is against the rules of the forums to post for somebody else unless you are a part of the development team. Do you have a role in this dev team, and if so, what is it?

If you aren’t a team member, I would suggest advising @FlightVector to keep browsing until he becomes a new member and can post this.

I’m in the dev team just as an advisor and to build minor things. I can delete if it’s not allowed.

As long as you are a member of the development team, it’s okay.

On a separate note, I love those pictures you have! Good luck on getting some workers!

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