Native Support for Apple Silicon: Better Performance and Improved Battery Life

Hey there! Does this also happen when trying to download/install the Roblox player app or just Studio? Am I understanding the issue correctly that when you’re on VPN you can’t update/download/install?


Are we going to see any memory usage optimisation in the future?
MacOS Studio (M1 Pro Ventura) still actively take up 30%+ more memory than windows (Win11 Pro) counterpart on medium to large size places :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Hey there, I can only launch these applications with VPN, without VPN Roblox Studio shows an error and Roblox shows a server error. And this isn’t just with my WiFi it’s also with my hotspot. I will say that I was on vacation a few weeks ago and logged in, in a country where Roblox needed VPN to be used since I had to work on projects… that may have something to do with it? I’ve logged out on all sessions as well.

I’m still not sure why I need to have a VPN on to launch any of these apps. Would love a fix to this ASAP. Also, it doesn’t seem to just be the Apple Silicon version, it’s also the Intel version.


I cannot get the Apple version. Every time the RobloxPlayer updates automatically, it downloads and installs the Intel version. I checked it in the properties and in the task monitor. I think this happens to many players.


Same, Roblox Studio Is native but Roblox is still intel for me even after redownloading.


Release issues last week prevented the move to 100% rollout. We expect to be at 100% this week.


I can tell I’m not the only one still experiencing poor battery performance.


It sounds like to me you’ve used VPN to authenticate while in a region we don’t natively support and those credentials have been cached. Have you tried a fresh re-install and/or logging in as a different user now that you’re back home? I assume you don’t normally use VPN.

Ever since this update, studio has run much slower for me, I’m not sure why. Is there any way I can revert this update?

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