Naval Ship Flips Over (Sometimes) and Ejects Welded Furniture


This is my first post here I apologize if I did something wrong, please tell me and I will learn from it.

I have been working on a large naval ship and it has been exhibiting some weird behavior I am unfamiliar with.

While running the game in Studio one of the following things will happen:

  • The ship will behave normally
  • The ship will spin around making one full rotation (inverting itself and then returning to normal) and after it returns to its proper state it will operate normally
  • The ship will partially invert itself and water will enter the sides and the ship is not operational

When I play the game on a server the same behavior is experienced but it SEEMS like on the server it is more likely to be UNUSABLE and glitchy. ALSO it will eject welded furniture into the ocean (please see the video at the end). It will eject the welded furniture EVEN if the ship does not flip and still functions normally otherwise.

Other things that have occurred during this project:

  • I have taken the ship from one place (like a Roblox studio file) and added it to a new place and uploaded it. Even though the ship behaved normally in the original place, the exact same ship (copied and pasted) into the new place will sometimes become unusable because it will have the buggy behavior mentioned before. (It originally seemed as though this may have been more likely to occur in places that have more parts in them, but I am now having the same problem in a completely empty map with only water).

Here is an example of the ship when it is partially flipped and unusable:

Here is a YouTube video showing the behavior:

Please let me know if I should add anymore information.

Thank you very much!!