Nazo Gaiden Clans Key

WARNING: Some of this content MAY be outdated. I’m only transferring what I had last time.

WARNING 2: A lot of the information is not canon to Kishimoto’s Naruto verse. There is a lot of information made up by me so we can fit clans into the Frankie Naruto Nazoverse.

WARNING 3: This is not correctly formatted – sorry!

Please follow the clan key when creating a character, as it’ll be easier to identify the background of RPers.
You are allowed to make custom clans – do not have them be clones of other clans to bypass certain backgrounds.



! - RARITY - due to overpopulation in certain clans, there will be several clans that will have only a few select people invited to the clan to keep it sparse and realistically endangered.

    • SPECIAL - these clans are not allowed for the public to join unless personally invited by said clan-leader or granted by Frankie.

M - these clans are the “major” or “biggie” clans that will get more attention than all the others. Heavy involvement in lore, clan bases and clan jutsus are to be expected for these.

E - a clan that anyone can join simply through request. Do not expect this clan to have clan jutsu or clan bases unless they grow more popular than any other “Major” clan.


NOTE 2: E - Clans do allow you to roleplay their specific clan abilities, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get actual clan jutsu usable in game.

NOTE 3: You are not allowed to make up a custom clan and expect it to be recognized by official Gaiden lore. Custom clan jutsu and clans will just be rendered as “family names” and “unidentified / unacknowledged clan jutsu.”

NOTE 4: Not all Clans will have clan jutsu. Some are more of just family names.

NOTE 5: There may be spoilers in here.

NOTE 6: It is expected your character will follow the clan standards.

Okay, let’s get started.
Uzumaki - M / E Current Clan Leader: / Village: New Leaf
ORIGIN: Descending from Earth visitors / dopplegangers in early Nazosei history, the Uzumaki clan lives on another planet safely without much of the prejudice experienced back on Earth. These clan members tend to have red hair and blue eyes, with pale to fair colored skin. The ninjas in this clan are taught to specialize in sealing techniques. Genetically, the members of this clan have longer life expectancies than others and can also give up physical durability to heal others (bite marks to heal others). These are not all taught to the same person, they will have to specialize in either through training from high clan elders.
Notable Members: Naruto Uzumaki, Kushina Uzumaki, Mito Uzumaki, Karin Uzumaki, Nagato Uzumaki, Boruto Uzumaki, Himawari Uzumaki,
------Uchiha - M / ! / * Current Clan Leader: Nightway342 - Uron Uchiha / Village: New Cloud
ORIGIN: Descending not only from Earth visitors / doppelgangers, but also splitting from Kira/Kintaro descendant bloodlines, the Uchiha clan lives in the shadows of Nazosei. Unfortunately for different reasons the Uchiha have been left endangered once again in the Universe’s ninja history. Most of the Uchiha on Nazosei do not share the same knowledge of the Uchiha back on Earth therefore methods of unlocking higher power are undiscovered. On both Earth and Nazosei the clan was massacre for different reasons. (Earth being to prevent a coup an Nazosei for sacrificial resurrection of a God.).The clan members have a chance of unlocking and wielding the sharingan granting the users heightened precognition and the ability to copy learnable jutsu easily. Uchiha clan members if found are reported to have brown to black hair, and dark brown eyes with pale skin.
Notable Members:
Uron Uchiha (Nightway342/ClanLeader) , Kayruu Uchiha (Dagwrath/Hieto chakra Six Paths / Toad Sage), Sasuke Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha , Fugaku Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, Shisui Uchiha, Kagami Uchiha, Sarada Uchiha, Izuna Uchiha, Izumi Uchiha
-------Hyuga - M / E / Current Clan Leader: Skeletonskater12 - Inaho Hyuga / Village: New Leaf
ORIGIN: Descending also from Earth visitors / doppelgangers and splitting from Kira/Kintaro descendant bloodlines, The Hyuga clan lives in a strictly in loyalty within the New Leaf Village. The clan members of this clan are very conservative with their lifestyle and usually only converse personal issues with each other. Some Hyuga live in the royal bloodline side of the family meanwhile the other majority live under the diluted, servant bloodline. The Hyuga train greatly in taijutsu learning the best methods to blend their dojutsu abilities with their special “Gentle Fist” fighting style. Hyuga clan members have brown to dark brown hair, white eyes, and are pale on the royal side. On the servant / peasant side Hyuga members have fair- to darker skin tones.

Notable Members:
Sayo Hyuga Otsutsuki- (BassHopper/2nd Hokage), Inaho Hyuga Otsutsuki (Skeletonskater12/Hieto chakra Six Paths/Toad Sage)
------Majin - M / E / Current Clan Leader: / Village: New Rain
ORIGIN: Originating on Earth and Nazosei, this clan is filled with mutant-ninja who use nature and evil spiritual energy to transform into beasts. This technique is also known as the Cursed Seal technique. Majin translates to Demon, which is an accurate description of the appearance of a transformed Majin clan-member. Not all of the clan-members can transform, and in fact not a lot of Majin clan members grow passed the age of 15. This clan suffers from external conflict due to their uncontrollable anger being exploited in war. Surprisingly the Majin are the most calm clan-people when they aren’t provoked. Majin often have smooth skin, orange or grey hair, pale to fair-skinned, and nice skin (when not transformed of course).

Notable Members: Jugo

Senju - M / * Current Clan Leader : Yumi Senju (Kittypack22) / Village: New Cloud
ORIGIN: Descending also from Earth visitors / doppelgangers and splitting from Kira/Kintao descendant bloodlines, The Senju clan traditionalized competition and nationalism. These clan members are often participate in sports for the sake of representing the best of their clan. They have no jutsu specialty but instead clan members from this clan tend to have an unnatural enhancement in the one jutsu element they focus on. For example, a fire style user from the Senju clan would be exceptionally good at using fire styled techniques. This clan often has fair/tanned- to- dark skinned members.This clan DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE USAGE OF WOOD STYLE.

Notable Members: Kikokou Senju (xXKamikazeHDXx/3rd Raikage) , Yumi Senju (Kittypack22/ClanLeader), Hashirama Senju (1st Hokage EARTH), Tobirama Senju (2nd Hokage EARTH)
------Yuki - M / E Current Clan Leader : / Village : New Snow
ORIGIN: Originating on Earth / Nazosei, the Yuki clan are a group of ninja raised in low-temperature environments. The clan members tend to have pale skin, blonde hair/ white hair and blue eyes. They live peacefully and are reserved clan members. Yuki ninja specialize in ice release, bows and benefit from their knowledge of the cold climates.

Notable Members: Haku Yuki (Mist ANBU)
-----Sarutobi - M / E Current Clan Leader : / Village: New Sand
ORIGIN: Traditionally sharing the same lifestyle as their cousins back on Earth, the Sarutobi clan are people who have great mastery with fire-release. The clan specializes their techniques of fire by mixing it with ash to create a more devastating and lost lasting effect on their enemies. Sarutobi clan members are often trusting friends and great allies. Most Sarutobi practice the fighting style boxing and even utilize a knuckle-knife kunai variant that can be enhanced with a sharp chakra transformation. The Sarutobi clan members are often fair-tanned to dark skinned, have brown or black hair, facial hair (for men) with brown to dark brown/hazel eyes.
Notable Members: Konohamaru Sarutobi, Asuma Sarutobi, Hiruzen Sarutobi ( 3rd Hokage EARTH)
-----Kaguya - M / E / * Current Clan Leader: / Village: New Sand
ORIGIN: Similar to the Kaguya clan back on Earth, some members who had the chance to migrate over to Nazosei also brought along their clans mutations within their genes. Rare within the clanmates, some Kaguya clan members are born with the rare kekkei genkei known as Shikotsumyaku ( Bone Release). This special mutation heavily strengthens the bone durability of some of its wielders, putting their survivability rate higher due to their bones not breaking so easily. Not many of the wielders of this jutsu live a long life due to shortened life expectancy from usage of the bone release. Clan members from here tend to be logical and conservative, not being very social to anyone even for those within their clan. Kaguya clan members that have the bone release have white hair, and pale skin. The warriors of the clan decorate their face with a traditional face paint to mark their presence amongst others more easily.

Notable Members: Ende Kaguya (3rd Kazekage) , Kimimaro Kaguya (Orochimaru warrior)
-----Otsutsuki - * Current Clan Leader: Riku Otsutsuki(Draa33)
ORIGIN: The Otsutsuki clan is a clan thats dates back to early history of civilization. It is explained that the Otsutsuki clan are in a mass of inter-galactic size and roamed the universe in search for greater power. There has been a split from the clan members in recent memory forcing several of its clan members to flee from a large conflict that’s been on-going for millenniums. In relation to Earth and Nazosei, Kaguya took Earth under her arm as a nursery, but also as a back-up plan in case those who overthrew her reign were to come for her again, Momoshiki and Kinshiki. For Nazosei, Kintaro and Kira Otsutsuki, warlord brothers fought over the ruling of Nazosei with no remorse for the consequences of each other. Full blood Otsutsuki clan members often have very pale skin, horns varying in shape spiking out of their skull, no visible eyebrows and white eyes known as the byakugan. The Hyuga borrows from this, descending by culture and sharing their dojutsu. The Otsutsuki branches through billions going from royal families, to nobles, to servants, warriors, servants, slaves etc. At the top was Princess Kaguya, (as said before, overthrown by her clanmates.) The Main branch Otsutsuki, being aliens often have greater base strength than other humanoid beings. They have the ability to use telekinesis, weaponize energy, mind-control, heightened senses, flight and nature manipulation. It must be explained that the character in Gaiden are not from the Main branch Otsutsuki bloodline.
There are Otsutsuki branching from Kira’s ruling on Nazosei, Kintaro’s ruling and Hieto/Riku’s ruling. The Otsutsuki branching from Kira’s ruling are known as the Karyuudo who are now all wiped out except for their leading rebel Namahage. Kintaro’s bloodline are people who we’re recruited by name, born by blood through mating with humanoid beings on Nazosei or reincarnated to a compatible body that can use Kintaro’s chakra to be a clan warrior. Then there goes the Otsutsuki under Riku and Hieto’s ruling which was passed from Kintaro. Hieto is not Otsutsuki by blood but only by name ; even if he’s is the direct reincarnation of Kintaro. Riku is a blood reincarnation of a previous notable Otsutsuki clan members, also Kintaro’s right wing, Nero Otsutsuki. Members of Riku’s Otsutsuki clan are only invited by name and have no blood relation (unless in the future he has offspring). At this point the main branch abilities are heavily diluted, and only the techniques of some of the main-blood have been passed down like the ability to fly and weaponize chakra with range (throwing chakra- energy blasts). Otsutsuki in Riku’s branch vary in appearance and have no features from Main blood Otsutsuki.

Notable Members: Kaguya Otsutsuki, Toneri Otsutsuki, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, Hamura Otsutsuki, Indra Otsutsuki, Ashura Otsutsuki, Kintaro Otsutsuki, Kira Otsutsuki, Momoshiki Otsutuski, Kinshiki Otsutsuki, Hieto Otsutsuki, Riku Otsutsuki, Daiki Otsutsuki, Noiota Otsutsuki, Munko Otsutsuki, Shairi Aburuame Otsutuski, Karyuu Uchiha Otsutsuki, Inaho Hyuga Otsutsuki, Sayo Hyuga Otsutsuki
------Nara - M / E Current Clan Leader: / Village: New Mist
ORIGIN: The Nara clan is a clan of super-genius people. High Intellect and logical thinking is the expectation for the members of this clan as they are filled with over-thinkers but also the best at solving conflict. This prestigious clan utilizes a forbidden clan jutsu only taught to those who are born with the Yin release. Shadow techniques are used to accompany the Nara clan ninja in to pump out puzzling battle strategies, with it they can control the movement of other people putting them under their will until disrupted. The Nara clan members tend to be fair skinned w/ black hair. They appear to be lazy and are bothered by working with other people but don’t mind having a great team to maximize their battle potential. They are great with coming to logical conclusions and predicting the best possible solution of an outcome. This clan is one of the three in the InoShikaCho clan trio culture. More on this later~

Notable Members: Yurei Nara(2nd Mizukage/ Shinimi), Shikamaru Nara, Shikadai Nara, Shikaku Nara
-----Aburame - M / E Current Clan Leader: Shairi Otsutsuki(Atrox_Caedes) / Village: New Mist
ORIGIN: The Aburame are weirdos; Personality wise they’re quiet but do have a lot to talk about. This clan is founded both on Earth and Nazosei and their specialty includes the manipulation of hoarding insects and controlling them to their likings. This hidden technique is passed through the clan members in order to complete a multitude of objectives; tracking, chakra-stealing, surprise of element ambush and capturing enemies. The Aburame are indeed a special case of ninja seeing as how they’re so versatile with their moveset. You will find that Aburame clan members tend to have thick messy hair, cover their eyes with pitch black glasses, and tend to wear heavy clothing regardless of the weather. In other words, they’re realllyy weird.

Notable Members: Shairi Aburame Otsutsuki, Shino Aburame, Moko Aburame, Torune Aburame
-----Akimichi - M / E Current Clan Leader: / Village : New Rain
ORIGIN: The Akimichi are a clan of big-boned people who have the specialty of expanding their body to unrealistic proportions for the benefit of physical attack potency. This clan of big-boned people are often giant in height and weight, and enjoy eating almost anything. It actually is what keeps them battle-ready and able to expand parts of their body. The clan members of this clan often have brown hair, plump body figures and w/ the males having markings on their cheeks. Rumor says the Akimichi have forms which they lose most of their body fat in which they also have a muscular fit appearance. This clan is one of three in the InoShikaCho clan trio culture. More on this later~

Notable Members: Choji Akimichi, Choza Akimichi, Karui Akimichi
-----Inuzuka - M / E Current Clan Leader: / Village: New Sand
ORIGIN: The Inuzuka clan are a clan of people who meet the best world with befriending dogs. Having enhanced canine features themselves, they work best with a canine companion beside them. The Inuzuka clan members apperance wise have sharper canine fang teeth, sharper nails than the average ninja, furry hair and markings on their face culturally representing themselves amongst their clan members. Inuzuka clan members are able to transform into a clone of their dog companion for epic strategic battle attacks that can only be coordinated through the proper bond between the canine and it’s owner.

Notable Members: Akamaru, Kiba Inuzuka, Tsume Inuzuka
------Chinoike - ! / E / * Clan Leader : None / Village: None specified
ORIGIN: Similar to the Uchiha, on Earth the Chinoike suffered a similar fate to the Uchiha in way of being exploited for personal agenda. This clan is literally on the brink of extinction, the only remaining members were Chino and her father En, who went missing after their interactions with Sasuke Uchiha many years ago. Rumor goes Chino settled down and only one of her two offspring had the genetic material to produce the Ketsuryugan. Whichever of this near extinct clan has this dojutsu have the ability to use blood release and powerful genjutsu. The members of this clan age very slowly, have a slim body figure, bright blonde hair , blue eyes and pale skin. To apply for this clan you NEED to have watched the Sasuke Shinden episodes of Naruto Shippuden. The members of this clan tend to be in bloodlust due to the generations of anger built up within them, but they do care about their friends and are willing to protect the ones they love to unusual manners. Watch out, they are cunning. For any characters under this clan, it is highly unlike they are aware they even have this until a later point in their life, and would live under a seemingly normal family with one of their parents descending from Chino.

Notable Members: Chino Chinoike, En Oyashiro Chinoike
------Tsuki - E / Clan Leader: None / Village: None specified
ORIGIN: The Tsuki is a clan of people who worship the moon. They believe in the Goddess Luna of the Moon Ewaca. The Tsuki clan use chakra to weaponize light in ranged attacks. They have a boost of chakra during the night when the Moon is shining. Their clan jutsu special hidden technique is known as the getsuga tenshou, which translates to moon fang. They have the ability to blind foes with a flash-bang like move, and can easily cover short distances using their moon jump leap technique. Basically they’re good at dodge. Appearance wise the Tsuki have White or Brown hair, facial hair for males, pale or dark skinned, blue eyes w/ no pupils. These clan members are often energetic and are night owls. They’re peaceful people who enjoy exploring the planet at night, and often hangout in place the moon shines a lot on the land below.
------Fuma - E / Clan Leader: None / Village: None specified
ORIGIN: The Fuma clan are a clan of amazing ninja - themed blacksmiths that craft the best ninja-tools for all uses. With these expertise in crafting, they have the upper-hand of using the best gadgets for killing as well. For their ninja in training their prefered weapon is a overly large wind shuriken. It teaches them the best method for controlling a weapon thats large, deadly, and also that you’re own weapon can turn against you. The Fuma clan often have black/brown hair, brown - dark brown eyes, and fair-skinned to dark skinned colors. They also specialize in creating/ wearing battle armor so its expected whenever you come across one, they’re packed in all the best gear.
------Hatake - E / Clan Leader: None / Village: None specified.
ORIGIN: The Hatake clan are best known for the super-genius clan members skillful in pulling out assassinations. These ninja often work alone but can set up plans that’ll work for those packed in a group. This clan has a genetic disability in which a male- Hatake clan member cannot produce a female offspring, ever. Due to this although a young- Hatake clan member is allowed to be in a relationship with an outstanding female, when the son is born the mother must be non-existent in their sons life through clan culture. The Hatake clan members wield short swords, daggers and sabers that are effective for cutting and slashing any of their foes; The Hatake are quick on their feet, and through the use of super-charging their weapon they can perform an slash that can land a cut on anything. All clan members have pale skin, white hair and dark brown eyes.
------Hoki - E / Clan Leader: None / Village: None specified.
ORIGIN: The Hoki clan is an interesting one. By tradition instead of descending lineage to follow that of the father name, the clan focuses on highlighting lineage of the mother’s name. This clan focuses on the practice of medical ninjutsu, and are the best at it. Their advancements with healing jutsu have grown passed remaining still to heal others, but instead they can cast jutsu on others to heal and buff them in other ways increasing their stats passively. The clan members also have great cooking skills, improving the quality of ninja food pills they can produce. These clan members have light pink hair, fair-to tan colored skin, and brown eyes. The females of this clan are often brought up as some of the most attractive kunoichi on the planet.
------Hozuki - E / Clan Leader: None / Village: None specified.
ORIGIN: The Hozuki clan are a clan of water-specialist ninja. The clan members are able to morph themselves into water to avoid taking heavy damage or slip away depending on their environment. The Hozuki clan members also tend to be able to shoot water bullets from their fingers, and set up traps with mist-technique jutsu. They tend to have sharp-shark like teeth, white/blonde hair, and a very slim body figure. The members of this clan are often witty and cunning making fighting against them a bit troubling. Also watch out if they’re a team mate of yours because not only do they tend to complain a lot, but also fall into bloodlust when not surrounded by water (or too far away from a large source).

Notable Members: Gengetsu Hozuki(2nd Mizukage EARTH), Mangetsu Hozuki, and Suigetsu Hozuki
-----Hirasaka - E / * / ! Clan Leader: None / Village: Not specified.
ORIGIN: The Hirasaka clan is a clan of birthed to be malicious. Truly evil by heart, they’re goal is to spread distrust to others. As you should have already figured, they don’t travel together. Lonewolf, they target people who are unsuspecting and disguise themselves as people they know. The Hirasaka are able to perform the best transformation technique to imitate a target person to the best of their ability. This allows the Hirasaka to sound, look, and know simple things about their target character; They can even learn non-kekkei genkai techniques. Their true form is absolutely hideous. Hirasaka’s have no physical mouth at all, have a tall and slim body figure, and don’t have much hair themselves. Their main way of communicating is telepathic, so if you ever hear anything in your mind… beware.
------Iburi - E / Clan Leader: None / Village: Not specified.
ORIGIN: The Iburi clan are a clan of heavily secluded people. They do NOT appear in public places and often hide in hidden places away from society. Packed together, they also live in places where the wind doesn’t blow to the slightest. This is because the Iburi are a clan of people who can freely transform into smoke but at a large cost. They can still freely interact normally until a gust of wind blows through; the slightest thing in between them when they’re in their smoke form will hurt them. Their bodies can be severed in half by a strong gust of wind if they do not retract themselves back in time. Only very few of Iburi are allowed to go out; the ones who can wear protective gear that assures they will repiece from their smoke form with a special suit crafted by the Fuma, and a back-up buff from their friendly clan-friends the Hoki. The Iburi have pale skin, black or brown hair, and dark eyes.
----Kagetsu - E / Clan Leader: None / Village:Not specified.
ORIGIN: The Kagetsu are the sister clan of the Yamanaka, in the sense that the Kagetsu have the ability to track the best and most rare herbs on the planet. The clan members are strictly vegetarian and are often filled with laughter and joy. They are very happy clans members who enjoy every part of life. They are not the combatant type but instead help with importing goods between villages and are heftily paid for their special talent.
------Kurama - E/ ! / * Clan Leader: None / Village: Not specified.
ORIGIN: The members of the Kurama clan are mostly normal civilians that dedicate their life to serving the one out of many generations - female who wields a special dojutsu known as the Akakayuka-kogan. The Akakayuka-kogan allows its user to place some of the most powerful genjutsu techniques ever. With it, the user can perform genjutsu which can physically harm the victim badly to point in which they can be killed. The user users a large paper to paint a setting in which they can cover a large area under genjutsu. Taking out a user like this would require many people resistant to genjutsu, gladly the royal lead of this family is on the good side. The one wielder of the Akakuyka-kogan can have purple, or brunette hair. Pale skin w/ brown eyes that glow red when their dojutsu is activated. It must be noted that the wielder of this dojutsu is physically weak and very fragile.
------Shirogane - E / Clan Leader: None / Village : Not specified.
ORIGIN: The Shirogane clan is a clan of people who specialize in using puppets. The puppets can be used for anything but are expected to perform amazing feats in-battle. With the puppets users can have a multitude of techniques hidden up their sleeves. Mastery of the technique requires extreme practice of handling chakra threads to perfectly maneuver their puppets. At a novice level the Shirogane can only manipulate pieces of a puppet, but with training eventually can learn to control a full puppet. As time goes on they can control up to a hundred puppets. Those who reach mastery level are way deep into their lives and often to old to even effectively battle for much longer therefore a forbidden technique to transform the puppeteer into a puppet themselves is learned in order to preserve their so-long sought out technique. Those at mastery level are banished from villages as methods of immortality are against the law; the Shirogane are well supervised to assure they will not break this law, making many of the shirogane clan members feel as though they’re being treated unfairly. These clan members often have red-brown hair, pale skin and brown eyes.
-------Tenro - E / Clan Leader: None / Village : Not specified.
ORIGIN: The Tenro clan is a clan of ninja who specialize in taijutsu and kenjutsu alike. They benefit heavily and are close friends of the Fuma clan. These clan members often work out a lot to stay fit and are the best martial artist ninja around. They often dual wield their weapons making them deadly especially since they know how to cover for the defense lost from that. Energetic and competitive, but also compassionate for one another they tend to over-exaggerate their feelings and emotions at all times. On the dark side, the reason why they’re so good at training is due to their hidden power of lycanthrope. Members of the Tenro clan can undergo transformations of turning into werewolves during a full moon. At this time they gain an overall stat boost whilst retaining their smarts. Apart of this curse, if a Tenro clan member does not have enough chakra to return to their normal state by the time the sun is back up they will forever remain in their werewolf form, and eventually turn bloodlust, throwing out all their friendships out the window. The Tenro aren’t watched over as much as the Shirogane are, these clan members are a lot more trusted by village government. The Tenro tend to have green - black - brown hair, fair- to dark colored skin, and green eyes.
-----Yota - E / * Clan Leader: None / Village : Not specified.
ORIGIN: The Yota clan are kept under control of the government heavily, as they have the ability to use element their one element (they can be born with one of any) to control the weather of a targeted area. The Yota clan have been known to cause mass destruction and inconvenience in the past due to their playful behavior. Once every few generations a Yota clan member is able to use all chakra elements to control multiple disasters and weather typings, similar to a God. Thanks to how untrusting they are the Yota are not allowed to use their weather manipulation abilities unless instructed by the government to do so. The Yota clan members have brown hair, facial hair, green eyes, and fair to dark colored skin.
-----Yamanaka - E / Clan Leader: None / Village: New Rain
ORIGIN: The Yamanaka clan is a clan of people who have a very specific talent; Great minds. They often know where to find the best flowers to sell, and make great fashion choices. But on the ninja side, the Yamanaka are the best ninja for espionage and interrogation. The Yamanaka have a hidden technique in which a ninja is taught to invade a target’s mind and completely control them. They can also steal information from you with a mind drawing technique. The Yamanaka are often blonde with green eyes. This clan is a part of the InoShikaCho trio culturally, more of this below.
InoShikaCho Trio - By tradition every generation a team of three ninja from the Yamanaka, Nara and Akimichi clan are bounded together by law to maximize their battle potential. The InoShikaCho team are taught under careful circumstances to assure they have the best team coordination found throughout all village teams.

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