Need a commission/part-time scripter for an SCP game

Need a commission/part-time scripter for an SCP game.

Hello. I’m looking for a decent scripter that is able to help me squish some bugs and implement a few features into an SCP game. The game is already finished and is currently being used, but there are numerous bugs that are unable to be fixed due to our previous scripter recently quitting.

Your job would likely consist of the following:

  • Making minor additions/changes to scripts
  • Implementing small features
  • Providing suggestions with regards to development

Not much experience is needed, as long as you know roughly how to code you’ll be fine.

For any inquires, please contact me on Discord: @horse#4250

Thank you for your interest.

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Hi, First Scripting support is only for needing help with scripts.
Second of all Devforum isn’t the place for hiring
Check out the talent.hub (made by Roblox) it’s made for hiring and commisions.

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I’ve applied through the talent hub but it would be beneficial to you if you left your discord contact details somewhere.