Need a game idea just for fun

Hey, everyone! I am a beginner scripter, and I want to put my skills to use. But I can’t think of any small project to make. Do you guys have any ideas? (Idea should be simple since I am only a beginner scripter)


Considering i’m learning too, the main thing I learned is to never make full games when starting off. Instead make smaller, beneficial projects that will help you learn and grow as a scripter. Go on the Roblox Dev Hub, or whatever its called. Look up some things you don’t understand, maybe it’s how Remote Events and Functions work, study them and try making a very small project for their use case. That’s how I learn and I gotta say, very effective.

Like the title says, I just want to make a game for fun and to test my skills. I don’t care about players or money for this one.

Fair enough, in that case, a side-scroller shouldn’t be too difficult for ya!

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Well, then make what you like, anime, tv series, movie? (Marvel, flash, Attack on titan?)

or games you like, COD (without stealing it cough cough tos)

Like I’d make a Thor (from marvel) game or a The Flash Game (even though both are already made)

For money, which I know you don’t want, I’d make a simulator and make it p2w (lol i fell for this games before)

Make a ambitious dynamic tycoon where you build up your laundry mat from scratch and expand in the hope to make more money for your laundry mat


Why not script a couple powerups for an obby or exploration game? Those should be pretty fun to make, right?

Try looking through all of the genres, maybe that can help.

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Zombie game. Giants vs humans game. Car simulation. Raise a baby/Creature. Simple fighting game with lightsabers and cool animations. Eating simulater. Cooking simulation. Desert survival, with constant thirst. Build to survive something — zombies, players, natural disasters etc.