Need a script that only let specific ranks join the game and kicks out ranks that are not in the script

I’m looking for someone to give me or make me a script that could let specific ranks join a group game and kick out people that are ranked for example “A&S”,“SFQC”, etc… and let people that are ranked for example “Alpha”,“Bravo”, “Charlie”, etc… join the game without getting kicked unlike for other ranks. I would truly appreciate if someone could give me a script that does that I really need one because my place just got stolen and I don’t wanna get my other place stolen, I cannot do background checks on what kind of people are joining my group, so yeah I would appreciate it.

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Category is not to feed you code!!!

This is what you’re looking for though. I hope that helps. Enjoy!


you really need to be more specific…

He is being specific. He wants a script that rank checks people who join his game for a certain group given an id. That way he can utilize that processing to kick or allow people into the game as needed.

The only issue here is he asked for the whole script and I have flagged the post for that reason but I have also given him what he needs.

Please only use this category for getting support with your scripting problems.