Need a TALENTED scripter ASAP!

Hi there, my name is BloxVurse and I intend to create one of the most unique ideas for a roblox RPG game. This means that I require a lot of help from a talented scripter and I am willing to pay Robux and percentages. This will be discussed through DMs.

Please contact me on discord @nektxrios#7373


This is extremely impressive, the medieval work looks incredible. I love how you detail the builds while keeping a Low-Poly aesthetic to it.

The models are also really nice. Also any possible chance of including more examples of your work?
I’m amazed by the build.

If you usually sell builds like these for 400 - 1000 robux, then I’m sorry, but you should be getting paid MUCH more for this type of work.

Anyways, good luck to future projects! :smile:


Thank you very much, I will be taking your feedback in to account :slight_smile:

Price is set as it is to build up status in the community but also varies depending on how large the product is.

And I will be displaying many more builds within the next few days. ^^

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Ah, I see!

With nice builds like this, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of people willing to pay for your work with such cheap pricings.

Can’t wait to see your other builds. :slight_smile:


Do you have any examples of environment/map design?

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Yeah, I can show you my current project i’m working on. Add me on discord and I’ll show you.

The current edit of your “portfolio” should be in #public-collaboration:public-recruitment and not in the portfolio section.

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