[NEED ADVANCED SCRIPTER] Hiring Advanced Scripter

About Me

Hello! My name is Justin, I am 13, and I have been building on Roblox for near 2 years, but my scripting skillset is very low, that is why I am hiring an advanced scripter.

About The Job

I am looking for a very advanced scripter, with a high skill set and skilled in datastores and additional scripting things. The game that we will be working on is similar to Electric State RP I will give you all of the details through private messages on Discord preferred, or the dev forum. ( Discord is my personal preferred thing to use which is quicker for me to contact you )

The following assets are required, but not limited to Currency and Pay system, expansion system (players expand their plot), NPC customers which are coded to pay for items, and make the player money, NPC customer and stiff animations, and much more which we can get into privately.


As you are the scripter, I would prefer to start a negotiation so that the price is reasonable and you are comfortable with it. I am prepared to provide a contract which both parties can sign, stating that you will receive your payment via Paypal, group funds, or other preferred methods. We talk more in Private chat.



Electric State DarkRP(Beta)


You can contact me here, on the dev forum, but I would much prefer you to contact me on Discord. JustinLikeMemes#4025

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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