Need advice with ads!

Hello! I’m yeximo! I ran an ad it got a 2% click rate! Is 1.5k robux over 4 days enough? How much players can I expect?
(Srry if I put this in the Wrong place)



Your questions are a bit vague, and there variables to measure to accurately answer your questions.

Do your ads go straight to a game?

What quality are your ads?

Was your ad engaging (Depends on quality)


Can I see a picture of the ad?

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Can you link the picture of your ad. so that it gets easier for us to solve your problem and help you!


Exactly…he should send a pic. @MrGuyROBLOX

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Well, first we would have to see the image to judge properly.

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Realistically it would depend on the days you run ads. It also depends on the type of ad that you’re running. If you want the maximum return for the money you have, I’d suggest not running ads during the weekend, but Monday - Thursday. You can read more about why here:

Realistically you cannot estimate the amount of clicks very accurately because you do have to keep in mind if you spam click an ad, each of those clicks increases the CTR %. But If I had to guess if you spent 1,500 robux each day, maybe about 1,000 clicks MAX. per day.

(This information is a estimate based on some math on what I spend and how many clicks my ads get. They have ~1.8%CTR so it should be somewhat accurate if your ad is consistent.)

I hope this estimate somewhat helps you. I could maybe give a better estimate if you posted a picture of the ad :slight_smile:

Here is the ad!