Need an idea for a gfx with many people in it

I need new ideas for a gfx, this gfx contains about 6 people in it and I have no clue what to makie. it is suppose to be a casual gfx for a club.


Some people dancing, a DJ at the beat, maybe some people eating? I feel like that would be great!

If I’m understanding your question have those 6 people doing something it could be related to what you will see in a club nowadays ‘party like’ or through your own imagination.

Honestly since it’s related to a club graphic design you should start brainstorming ideas and see what elements are needed place them down on a piece of paper and see how to properly incorporate them within your design. (E.g. have people interacting with each other - dancing partying sitting ect.

You should have a sort of idea already planned out as it isn’t complicated to create. Throw small pieces with those 6 characters within the design, you could attempt to view reference images to get an idea on how you want yours to look like. Experiment instill you get something you like with the ideas you have in mind.

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