Need blender modeling advice

As a newbie to blender I’ve been having the following issues:

I’ve been having a issue trying to put a face on a model im making in blender here is a picture of what I’ve tried to do:

On another note I’ve tried assigning the image to faces but it creates a background with around the image even though its supposed to have a transparent one like this:

Can someone tell me the method to correctly put this image on the model and the steps to do so?

Also, when I create black outlines for this hat in blender it comes out like this in studio

What did I do wrong here?

Please give me a list of the correct steps as it would greatly help, Thank you.

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Well try not add the image when uploading the model try without the image then add the image meaning you have to upload the image in roblox decals so basically just upload the model first then image

I think you’d be able to get more helpful advice regarding this matter if you posted it in #help-and-feedback:building-support rather than here.

Hope you find the answer to your problem though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Meshes have both a MeshId and a TextureId, the mesh id defines the shape of the mesh and texture defines it’s colour/pattern/texture. I have never imported a mesh tho, but I recommend looking into getting the texture exported and put the id into TextureId

it looks like you have not merged all your textures into 1 texture file. when making the thing on blender, make sure you only make 1 material and work on that only c:

To overlay an image with a texture, you’ll need to use nodes. I’ll try to give a brief explanation here.

First of all, go into edit mode and select the whole mesh (‘a’ on the keyboard) and then press ‘u’ and select ‘UV smart unwrap’. Drag the second editor up from the bottom of the screen and select UV editor in the top left box of the bottom editor.

It should look something like this

At the top of this editor, click ‘New’ and choose your image.

Then, in the same editor window, go to Shader editor in order to use nodes.

Like this

  • In Shader editor, press shift+a to add a new node. In the search box which will appear, type Image texture.

  • Put that into the node editor and press shift+a once more, this time look for Mix Shader.

  • Plug the Mix Shader output (on the right of the node) into the ‘surface’ input of the Material Output node.

  • Plug the Principled BSDF node into the top input of the Mix Shader node

  • Plug the Image texture node into the bottom input of the Mix Shader node

Like this

  • Press shift+a and search for Texture Coordinate node

  • Plug the ‘UV’ output of the Texture Coordinate node into the ‘vector’ input of the Image texture node

  • In the Image texture node, select the image you’d like to appear on your mesh

  • Go to the ‘Repeat’ drop-down menu of the Image texture node and select ‘Extend’

Like this

  • Go back into the UV editor, select all by pressing ‘a’, and move the mesh around until the image is in the correct place
  • In the Shader editor, you can move the ‘Fac’ slider left and right to change the dominance over the mesh of either the Principled BSDF (colour) or the Image texture

Hope this helps

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